Policy, Planning and Projects Unit


The Policy, Planning and Project Unit (PPPU) is the projects, planning and research unit of the Ministry of Community Development, Gender Affairs and Social Services.

Conceptualized a few years ago, the PPPU was born out of the need to have improved planning, oversight and accountability for programs carried out by the Ministry, to ensure good outcomes for all stakeholders who interact with the Ministry, including individual clients, the community, donor agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The mission of the PPPU to ensure that all Department of the Ministry can make evidence-based decisions through the management of data, the conduct of research, and the production of best practices and lessons learnt through the application of sound project management techniques throughout the project cycle of all programs and activities, while effectively communicating with all stakeholders.

Having only been formed last year, the Unit is already responsible for the coordination and oversight of several critical projects within the Ministry, including the National Aging Policy and the Juvenile Justice Reform Project. Other major duties which will be covered by the Unit include oversight, monitoring and evaluation of Ministry projects and goals, and information-sharing about the Ministry’s work, with all stakeholders.

Contact Listing

Name: Azilla Clarke
Designation: Director
Email: azillaclarke.govkn@gmail.com
Telephone: 467-1523

Name: Jewelleen Manners-Woodley
Designation: Project Officer II
Email: jewelleenwoodley.govkn@gmail.com
Telephone: 467-1523

Name: Theodore Phipps
Designation: Project Officer I
Email: teophipps5@hotmail.com
Telephone: 467-1275

Name: Patrice Carey
Email: patricecarey.govkn@gmail.com
Telephone: 467-1523